Cedar Dobson, 19, is a visual artist, photographer, videographer, musician, and composer. For the past four years, Cedar has been studying music theory and composition under the instruction of music teacher and composer, John Kilburn. Cedar has been a member of the Yosemite High School Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. Cedar specializes in traditional Irish and Scottish music and plays the Irish tin whistle, Irish flute, silver flute, Bodhrán, percussion, mandolin, bagpipes, and guitar. She is a member of the new band TapisTree, along with Amy Duke and John Kilburn. Cedar composes virtual orchestral film scores using virtual and physical instruments and is currently studying music production (online classes from home) from Pulse College, Dublin, Ireland.

“I plan to pursue my career in music but to also continue creating visual art, photography, and videography. After receiving a BA (Honors) in Music Production and an MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media from Pulse University in Dublin, Ireland, I plan to work in the music and film industries. I will create documentaries (and compose music for them) that educate and inspire the public about planetary health, spirituality, veganism, and the importance of the arts in one’s life. I hope to share my love of the Arts with others in this world so that they too, can express what they think, feel, dream, and above all, express who they truly are.” ~ Cedar Dobson

“Rediscover your imagination and what is fun to do in life. Rediscover what you love. Once you rediscover, you discover more. Once you begin, you continue. Once you find, you seek. Once you imagine, you create. What matters most is that you can create. Believe you can. Know that you can. Creative expression is the very heart of humanity. Creativity is life itself. Without creativity, what will life be? Know that you possess the vast creative power that is here now for you to express it. Use this power to your highest potential. There is always a reason, chance, choice, way, decision, dream, day, hour, minute, moment, second, time… to create.” ~ Cedar Dobson


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